Dewan Santhos Arena

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Conventional Center

Convention Centre is your one-stop destination to conduct any event of your choice with perfection that exceeds expectations!We are forever committed to actualizing the dreams of every bride and groom out there on their special day. We are also equipped with a professional team of expert staff members who leaves no stone unturned to ensure that your day turns out to be the most memorable day ever.

Convectional Center

At Dewan Santhos Arena, we offer you an appropriate atmosphere and cozy preparations that leave you pampered for choices. Our wedding halls can remodel into a fully decked up wedding vacation spot inside a count of mins. The present day settings, spacious rooms with all of the primary amenities of best first-rate like air-conditioners, chairs, tables, and thoughts-blowing structure together make your event an unforgettable enjoy.

Our Features

Air Cooler Ball Room

Car Parking

Dining Space

Air Cooler Ball Room

Special Events

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Family Occasions

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Community Funtions

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Birthday Party

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Marriage Funcions

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Prayers & Events

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